Each one of Liam Fahy's shoes are hand made in limited editions using the finest Italian tanneries and artisans in the world. Each piece is embellished with a nickel sole signature that takes twice as long to produce compared to any other designer shoe. It is this unsurpassed attention to luxury and quality that makes each piece not only authentic in quality but original in style.

Liam Fahy's shoes are sold worldwide and are on average the most expensive shoes in the world.

Liam Was born to an Irish father an and English mother in Zimbabwe. For part of his childhood he lived on a small snake farm, in the small suburb of the capital know for african stone sculptors, musicians and painters in what ultimately laid the foundations of his creativity.

Whilst a young art and psychology student in Africa, Liam chose to further pursue his passion for creativity by taking a year away from the city to live with the Tonga Tribe located in the remote valleys of the Zambezi river. A year later, Liam returned to pursue his true passion of design and enrolled to study footwear at the renowned De Montfort University in England.

While at University Liam was awarded several prestigious design awards in Italy, London and Africa for his conceptual based designs. After graduating with a host of awards, Liam started designing with several multinational sports brands. Disinterested in mass production, imitation and corporations, Liam chose to steer his attention towards the women's luxury side of the footwear market.